For mostly people, getting facebook account hacked is a nightmare. imagine a scenario where someone had break into your facebook account and can see your private messages, could contact to your girlfriend/boyfriend or friends, abuse others or your facebook page, and delete or change your personal information. you should keep update, change your passwords regularly and keep the other security settings tight.

When it happens the most important things is – don’t panic! you Can regain access to your facebook account.

How do you know your facebook account got hacked ?
first of all, how do you know your facebook account got hacked ? obviously if nothing has changed…yet ! if hackers will manage to log-in to your account, they will leave a trace ! while there session is active , it will be listed under dropdown menu button to the left side of Home > Account settings > Security (right side) > active session (left side) . here you can end the suspicious activity by clicking on End Activity.
For incresed security of your facebook account. it is recommended to you enable Login Approvals for logging in from unrecognized devices. you should also set app passwords.
Step 1. Change Your Password
if your password was not changed you got lucky ! now its the time to change your password, and be sure that you already end any other suspicious active sessions. then go to dropdown menu button to the left side of Home > Account settings > General and click > Password to confirm your current password and enter new password and retype it.
Step 2. Rest Your Password
incase you will not lucky! means if your password was changed, quicly Try to regain access. Click on Forgot your password?link under the facebook login page.
It will allow you to retrieve your password in many different ways. You can either enter the email address you registered to Facebook or any other seccondary email address you associate with facebook, as well as your phone number and username which are associate to your facebook account
May be the person who hacked your facebook account was smart enough to change your profile information, in this case you should go with last option and enter your name and that of a friend. This option will give you an idea of which information is currently changed to your account.
In case you daon’t have any access to any of ther email accounts or to the phone number which is associated with your  account Click on > No longer have access to these ?URL . now this will take you to a new page where you can enter a new email address. which Facebookwill use to contact you in recovering your account.
This is not all, If you belive some one abused your account and who has access to it, proceed to next step.
Step 3. Report About Compromised Account
In case your account wasn’t actully hacked, but it sending out ads and spam to other friends, you must Report it as compromisedand enter your old password.
 Step 4: Do Damage Control
After doing this all you could get access control over hacked facebook account, inform about this to your friends about what is going on, in case the hacker has abused or currently abusing your account. if you can’t access your account at present, contact your Facebookfriends via other social networks, by email or have a mutual friend inform them via Facebook. if you can log-in again, proceed to step 4.
Step 5 : Remove Suspicious Application 
Oftentimes, it’s always not an evil person that hacked into your account. it can be a malicious application which granted access and sbsequently hijacked your accout. in this case you Must remove suspicious a
pplications, to remove suspicious applications, go to 
dropdown menu button to the left side of Home > Account settings > Apps (left side) and go through the list. Click on > Xnext to any application you wish to remove or click > Edit to change what kind of information access by apps.
 This will not accurately 100% secure your account but it is very helpful in some case, keep update with us we will get back with some more ways to secure your facebook account more tightly.


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