Armitage is a fantastic Java-based GUI front-end for the Metasploit Framework developed by Raphael Mudge. Its goal is to help security professionals better understand hacking and help them realize the power and potential of Metasploit. Further information about this excellent project, along with its complete manual, can be obtained at Armitage‚Äôs Official Website.

Steps to Start Armitage

  • Open Kali Linux Aplications Menu
  • Navigate to Exploitations Tools –> Armitage
  • or in Search Box type Armitage and Open
  • or in Kali Linux Terminal type – armitage and hit enter
Steps to Open Armitage
Open Kali Linux Applications Menu
Navigate to Exploitation Tools --> Armitage” class=”wp-image-33854″/><figcaption>Kali Linux -> Applications Menu –> Exploitation Tools –> Armitage</figcaption></figure>

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in terminal type armitage and hit enter

Next Screen comes a connect box where you can leave the defaults and click connect

Click connect here without changing the defaults

Next you are asked to start Metasploit RPC Server, in the dialogue box click yes to start and continue.

Click Yes to start Metasploit RPC Server

If you face any error like PostgreSQL service not started, open terminal and type
service postgresql start

in terminal windows type this command if you face postgresql error
Hold on a minute and wait to load

Armitage Opens

A typical metasploit window

Armitage is for the GUI Lovers, can be considered like Metasploit’s GUI Version operating on the top of the Metasploit framerwork.


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