Today, I am talking about how to poke back on facebook. Poke on facebook is a feature used to attention anyfacebook user. If you recieve many pokes from yourfacebook friends, it is difficult to poke back ony by one. I find a chrome and firefox scripts or extensions to use automatically poke back on facebook. If you manually poking back to many facebook users, you face a big problem. Now i find a solution to automatically poke back on facebook.

Automatic Poke Back on Facebook Using Firefox:

  • First of All, you need to Install Addon Greasemonkey on Firefox browser.
  • Then this script installed in Greasemonkey, now this Script working automatically and poking back automatically.

Automatic Poke Back on Facebook Using Google Chrome:

  • First of all, you need to Install chrome extension.
  • Now after installation, go Facebook and click on poke hand button in you status bar in this way you you would be able to see Facebook pokes and by clicking on auto poke back you can poke back all the pokes.

So in this way you would be able to automatically poking back on facebook.


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