Best Google Dorks Scanner Tool
Best Google Dorks Scanner Tool

You might already know about Google Dorks in our last post!!! Now, let’s use a easy-handy tool for pentesting a website and getting the required information in one key-press.


Supports Linux Distributions only.
Because its written in Shell Code, it runs even in Termux!!!


Step #1 Clone ‘Fast-Google-Dorks-Scan‘ Repository and Change Directory (cd) to Fast-Google-Dorks-Scan

$ git clone
$ cd Fast-Google-Dorks-Scan
$ ls

Step #2 Set executable permissions ( +x or 777 ) to the file to make the google dorks finder runnable by system.

$ chmod +x

Step #3 Run the executable with website name with domain or also subdomain of which website you want to find google dorks of.

$ ./

Optional Step: If you want to save the google dorks report into a text file then run with the following command.

$ ./ > ethicalhackx_report.txt


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