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The easiest and Fastest way I found so far to create bootable USB drives for Any OS Like Linux, Windows, Chrome OS, and system tools like FileZila, Acronis, Antivirus Bootable Disks. Linux of variants Like Ubuntu, Debain, Fedora,FreeBSD

Also Check How to Install Various Operating System Here

Download RUFUS from here

  1. Insert pendrive / USB Disk
  2. Open RUFUS
  3. Check For updates if Internet available (better for Linux Disks)
  4. Select ISO or FILE by clicking on small CD-Drive icon.
  5. Rufus automatically determines the OS and select the best options.
  6. You can select b/w UEFI or MBR Depending on your Hard-Disk existing partition table.
    If you have GPT partition table select UEFI, If you have MBR tables select MBR Option in rufus
  7. Click Start to begin the process and wait for this to finish.

See The Below Pics for example of Rufus working with Linux, Windows, ChromeOS.

Note: – I have not tested this with MAC-OS-X, Rest found to be working

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