Facebook Cheat Heads is one of the very cool features which enable us to read and send Facebook chat messages without leaving your current screen. A small floating circle, containing the profile picture of the person we are chatting with is always on the screen.

But sometimes we want to turn it off and we dont know how to disable Facebook chat heads. Here is guide How to disable Facebook chat heads

  • You may be busy with other works and chat head pop-up just distracts it. You feel disturbed.
  • It may be killing your privacy. If you are sharing your phone with others, they are easily getting to know with whom you are chatting on Facebook.
  • Android notification bar is just enough for you and you don’t want this feature.


Way to Get Rid of Facebook Chat Heads Pop-up in Android

1. Open Facebook Messenger app, then go to settings by tapping on “Profile or Gear icon“. In the settings page, notice the “Chat Heads” section. Tap on it.

facebook massenger chat head (2)facebook massenger chat head (3)
Now disable Chat Heads by tapping the switch “Off|on“.

facebook massenger chat head (4)



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