To obtain an ‘App’ Access Token from Facebook (which never expires) just follow the steps below.

1) Go to developers.facebook.com and click on Log In in the top right.  Log in using your personal Facebook credentials.

Note: The personal Facebook account that you use to register as a developer does not need to be associated in any way with the page or group whose posts you want to display. You can use the Access Token you receive to display the posts from any public Facebook page or open group.


Note: You cannot log in to the Developer site using a Facebook Page or Business account. You must use the username and password from your personal Facebook profile. Facebook doesn’t allow businesses to register as developers, only individuals.

Screenshot of Facebook developers website with the Login button highlighted

2) If this is your first time signing in to the Facebook Developer portal then click on Register Now. Registering is a quick an easy process which will take less than a couple of minutes.  If you’re already registered then you can skip ahead to step 9.

Screenshot of the Facebook Developer site with the Register Now button highlighted


3) Accept the Facebook terms and click Continue.

Accept Facebook’s terms and conditions


4) Enter your phone number to confirm your account.

Enter your phone number


5) Facebook will send you an automated text message containing a confirmation code. Enter it in the box and click Confirm.

Enter your code from Facebook into the box

6) Choose to share your phone number with Only Me (unless you wish to share it with publicly or with friends).

Choose to share your phone number with only you

7) You can skip the next step by clicking Skip.

Click Skip

8) Click Done.

Click Done

9) Now click on Create New App.

Create new Facebook App


10) Click on advanced setup.

Add a new Facebook App


11) Enter your App Name. This can be anything you like. Click Continue.

Enter your Facebook App name

12) Fill in the Security Check and click Continue.

Fill in Facebook’s security check


13) Your App should now be set up. Copy and paste your App ID and App Secret (shown below) into the fields in the next step to retrieve your Access Token.

Please note that you need to click ‘Show’ next to the App Secret before copying and pasting it into the field below.
Copy and paste your Facebook App ID and App Secret

New Facebook App Dashboard design


14) Enter your App ID and App Secret below and click Get my Access Token.
App ID:App Secret:

Once you have your token, you can copy and paste it into the Facebook Access Token field on the plugin’s Settings page, or head over to the Pro Demo page to test it out. If you have trouble retrieving your token then please contact support for assistance.



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