Today, I am talking about how to get free talk time withsignup for facebook. I shared many facebook tricks and tips, i hope you like these tricks and tips, some popular tricks are Invite All Friends to Facebook Pages/EventsHow to View Profile Picture of Locked Profile’s on Facebook and Automatic Poke Back on Facebook. Now this time facebook gives Rs.20 talktime who signup for facebook with a new mobile number. This is not a trick this free talktime service is provided by facebook. You need a
new mobile number which have not used in facebook account. I provide a link, which can be used to create new facebook accountwith new mobile number and after validating it , now you get free talktimeRs.20.

Get Free Talktime with Signup for Facebook :

1. First of all, go

2. After that, you find a page like below:

3. Now you need to enter you new mobile number (which is not used in any facebook account, in this number you get free talktime of Rs.20) in the place of “Your phone number:“.

4. Now put your old mobile number or any friends mobile number which have used in facebook account in the place of “Phon
e number
 of person who invited you:

5. Now click on Next button.

6. After that, you will get a new verification message in your mobile’s inbox, now after verify your facebook click on Next button.

7. Now enter some account information that will create your facebookaccount.

8. Now your facebook account will created, now you get free talktimewithin 3 days. Don’t forrget to share thi trick with your friends.

Remember: If you don’t recieve the talktime within 3 days contact this email


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