Hack WhatsApp

  1. Gain access to the user’s mobile phone. Whoever your target is, if you want to access their account, you’ll need their phone to set the process up. After setup, you’ll be able to read their messages in future.

  2. Get WhatsApp yourself. Download WhatsApp on your mobile, or if you want to do the hacking on computer, download Bluestack and through it, download WhatsApp for your computer.
  3. Start WhatsApp. It will ask you to enter your mobile number; enter your target’s mobile number here.

    • At this time you should have the victims mobile with you.
  4. Wait for the confirmation. WhatsApp will send confirmation message to target’s mobile with a confirmation code.

  5. Enter that code into your computers’s WhatsApp.

  6. Delete the confirmation message from the target’s phone.

  7. Congo! Now you have access to all the chats of the target. You can read all chats and also reply to them without the target knowing it.


  • If you forget to delete the confirmation message, the target may come to know about the hack attempt.
  • Victim will not be able to chat in case you already have an access to their account.


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