Hacking 101 : Hacking for Beginners is for everyone who wants to learn hacking but does not knows where to start, what to learn , sources, and many more confusions. We will try to list some topics which can be picked to learn more.

Last Updated08 April 2021
NOTE : This page will be updated , more topics coming in, we will also add links to related articles if possible.

Hacking 101 : Hacking for Beginners from first steps, we will try to give details of at-least 101 topics which might help to boost your Hacking knowledge

Hacking / Cyber Security is a very diverse field, so there is no one guide to become hacker. Paths can be different. There are multiple fields like below.

We will Post similar topic for each of below fields in separate post in detailed manner.
1- System Hacking
2- Web Application Security
3 – Android Pentesting
4- iOS Pentesting
5- Application security
6- Network Security…..
The list goes on.
To be frank, yes learning takes time, it’s not a over-night journey to learn something in depth, that could actually be useful. So hold on, learn something everyday.

[ FUNDAMENTALS ] – Where do I start to become Hacker ?

Search things, seek answer. Always better to search first , Internet has the answer most of the times. Only Talent needed is ” How to do a Google Search ? “
So Read below topics by links or searching to start your journey into Hacking as beginner.

Comments/ Suggestions for more/missing essentials are a big help.

NOTE : This is only for beginners, who are planing to get into Hacking, or are already into Hacking/ Cyber Security and don’t know where to start.

Linux Operating System

Different Linux Distributions [Link1] [DownloadLinuxISO] [Bootable]
Desktop Environments [Link2]
Basic Linux Commands / Terminal Commands [Link1] [Link2]
Help Your Self ( man and help command ) [Link1-man]
Familiarity with CLI
File Systems
Linux Directory Structure [Video]
File permissions [Link1]
Installing & Removing Software / Package Management
Wildcards in Linux
Archiving and Compression
Linux Process Management ( top , ps, kill )
Linux Service Management ( start , stop, restart, status of services )
User and Groups in Linux
Output Redirection in Linux
SSH – Remote Access
Setting up a dual Boot Machine
Configuration & Customization of Linux

Windows Operating System

User and Kernel Mode (process)
File Systems
Directory Structures
User Roles and Permissions
Windows Security Policies
Windows Administrative Tasks
Windows Files Restrictions
Windows Services
Windows Registry Editor
User Account Control (UAC)
Windows Active Directory
Windows Domain Controllers
Windows Firewall
How Boot loader works
UNC Path in Windows
Windows Authentication
Windows Malware/Virus/
Windows Password Hashing


What is Virtualization
Understanding Virtual Machines
Setup Virtual Machines
Understand Network Modes on Virtual Machines ( NAT/Host Only/ Bridge…)
Setup Virtual Hacking LAB yourself.

Networking Fundamentals

Basic Networking
IP Address and Sub-Net
MAC Address
Internal/External/Public IP
Network Address Translation (NAT)
OSI Model, OSI Model with protocols and functionality for each layer
TCP/IP Model, Protocols and functionality in each layer
DNS ( Domain Name System) Working
Network Scanning
Common Network Protocols and ports
OSI Model – Layer by layer Attacks
Wireshark Intercept
Common Network Attacks
Port Forwarding

Web Application Security

LAB Setup for Web Application Hacking
Traffic Intercept using Proxy
Burp Suite
Cross Site Scripting
SQL Injection
Web Shells
OWASP Top 10

Real World Hacking

If you are looking into real world experience into Hacking, try your skills at below websites.
These are real world hacking challenges, totally legal, nice approach to learn.


I will be adding Links on each of the topics above, in the same time, keep searching the above thing on google and read to get started into Hacking/ Pen-testing / Cyber Security.

More topics/ fields like Android / iOS Security, Application security to be added soon.
The articles have to be updated with good articles links for each of the above topics

ALWAYS SEARCH THINGS, Internet most of the times has the answer. Following courses won’t benefit if you don’t make SEARCHING a habit.



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