Hello and welcome guys,

Many of us struggles to find a starting point for us ,while searching for the resources required for hacking.You maybe searched many forums or website  but barely found  something systematic ?

Don’t worry and welcome to first post of the series “Understanding Linux”.

Now the question arises ,why Linux is so important for hacking? Well u can do many things with windows too ,but windows limits your capability.Understanding Linux and most importantly the “Terminal”(Command prompt equivalent of Linux) is the first step towards hacking.So without further delay let start with post.

step 1:) Booting up

Boot up your machine with the any Linux installed ,i’m using Kali OS 2018.4  in this post , you can any linux of your choice .Log in with your credentials .


Launch the terminal.

click on the terminal option on the left menu bar to fire up your terminal.


step 2:) The “ls” command.

“ls” also known as list directory, gives us the list of all the file and folders of the directory we are currently present in. For understanding this let’s thinks in the “windows” way, what will happen if u double click on a folder in windows , yes right, u will see all the sun-folders and files present in that folder. Same work “ls” do. It will give you the list of folders and files, present in the current directory.So lets type ls in our terminal and see the result.

as we are present in root directory , we can see the content of the root directory.Now , how we will get to know what is our current directory. So for this let’s move to step 3

step 3:) The pwd command

“pwd” or print working directory is self explanatory , it will print the current working directory.

we can see that , we are currently present in root directory.


step 4:) “cd”command.

Now , we know how the see the sub-folders or files in a folder , what if we want to move into any folder or move back in parent folder , like we used to do in the windows , double-click, click back, double click , click-back.we can do the same here with cd command . cd stands for change directory. now  look at the picture in step 2. we can see many folders like Desktop , Downloads,etc. let’s suppose we want to see our documents present in Documents(folder), so we will type “cd Documents” .This will change our directory one step up in Documents .

now just use your ls command to see the content of the folder . Want to go back

ep 2.) Understanding files directory In windows you can easily locate any files with clicking the folders,etc and check the sub-folders, While in Linux it’s little bit different , here no physical drive is mapped previously means, nothing like C: drive present in the Linux. It follows root directory system. There is one parent directory i.e “\” directory . All



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