SUDO – The permissions are exclusive, make one God in Linux Environment. Very often the Linux Administration tasks require the use of sudo command. For the safety of users so that they don’t mess up it is always advised to use Linux as standard user. For those who need root access for some commands in administration task, like installing a software package, sudo god comes to help.

How to Enable Sudo on Linux Network

To enable sudo access for a user the user must be in wheel group because users in wheel group are configured to run commands as root. To add yourself to wheel group you need to edit a file groups in /etc   . Follow the steps below.


  1.  Login to your Linux System.
  2. Open File Manager and go to root folder and navigate to etc
  3. Open file named – group
    Open group file with any text editor ex- gedit
  4. If your username for example is ethicalhackx , the line should read as follows    wheel:x:10:ethicalhackx
  5. Save the file, close it and close the file manager.

Now you can use the sudo command for the user specified in group file.



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