Dual Boot Systems with more than one Operating Systems: often occur to have Time Setting Problem, Users see time changed after reboot from windows to Linux or Linux to Windows. Every Computer has a Hardware time that is managed by BIOS. Windows uses Local Time while Linux Uses UTC to write to BIOS and hence this difference creates error in time after restart. Here is How to Fix this


This Fix applies to system from Windows Side, that is we disable time setting change of BIOS from Windows and tel windows to follow UTC

  1. In RUN type regedit to open registry editor.
  2. Go to the Followng Registry Key   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation
  3. Create a New DWORD value here named RealTimeIsUniversal.
  4. Assign this DOWRD value 1.
    Now we need to disable Windows writing Local Time to BIOS
  5. Open services.msc from RUN
  6. Find Setting For Windows Time and Open it by double Click.
  7. Disable the startup of his service from this setting.
  8. Click OK and Close services.msc as well registry editor.
  9. You have fixed this.

Soon we will pdate this with a fix from Linux Side too.


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