Well this is the question in every bodies mind that how can we hack a email account or How do others do it. When I started reading about Hacking I also search about this question and search for
the Soft wares that can do it for me but there was nothing that work. Then comes the websites like hackfacebook.net that claim to hack 98% of facebook accounts for only 140 euros. But that is a BIG FRAUD. So question comes to mind How do we Hack the Accounts.

In real there are 5 ways to hack any account and they all work but there are not easy and not 100% efficient but with time you can master them all. The ways Are

1): Key logging
2): Phising
3): Brute force
4): Social Engineering (I call it Hacking the human 😉 )
5): Guessing the Security Password.

I will Post a detailed Articles about all these ways soon but summaries are as following.

KEYLOGGING: Keylogging is the way in which you sent a Keylogger remotely or install it on a computer to which you have Physical access. Keylogger is a Program that note down every thing a user write on a computer and some Keyloggers also capture the Pictures of the screen. SO with this way you can Know the Password that the user write.

Phising: Phising is the way in which a person is tricked to go to a Fake website exactly like the real one (e.g. Facebook). And if that person enter the password then the password is stored in the website that the Hackers can get. This way works very well with Stupids 😉

Brute Force: Brute force is the way of hacking in which software try every possible password. This way is 100% accurate but it can take millions of years to complete. So it is complete failure most of times.

Social Engineering: This way is really efficient with your friend whome you can trick to tell you the sensitive information like asking them to accept a keylogger an trick the to tell you their security Question’s answer.

Guessing the Security Password: This way can be the easiest or most difficult. But if you know the person then you can easily answer the question


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