WordPress is world’s most leading Content Management system which is used to build millions of websites . The WordPress security is updated time to time. Here is How to hack A WordPress website with wpscan in Kali Linux or any other Linux Distro. WPSCAN provides with a security check tool which scans a WordPress website for different elements and reports vulnerability. which can be further exploited by you. Also Check Video guide on Hacking  WordPress website on YouTube


  1. Open terminal.
  2. Type and press enter:    wpscan
    This gives a list of available Options.

    wpscan options
    How to hack a wordpress website with wpscan
  3. Choose a WordPress website to scan . say sqli.in
  4. Now with appropriate options give command to scan
    wpscan --url http://sqli.in/ --enumerate p
  5. At the end of scan all available themes and plugins with website header and few server information is reported with vulnerabilities to exploit.
  6. Choose one of the vulnerabilities and exploit it.
  7.  Happy Hunting.

Here is a Video Guide for the same, How to Hack WordPress Website with wpscan in Kali Linux.


This Tool: WPSCAN scans a WordPress install for possible threats and collects as much of data possible, which is called information gathering, presents us with a list of vulnerabilities if any from their database. Now we have to know how to exploit them to hack WordPress Website.


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