Remove program From Program and Fetaures List (1)
Select any Program you want to remove from this list without unistalling

If you want to Hide Installed Programs from the Programs and Features List for some reasons, here is guide how to accomplish this. Follow the given steps and Picture Slide at the end of post or Video Guide @ our YouTube Channel to easily remove programs from Programs and Feature list.

This task is done by a small Registry Editor Change:

    1. Open Registry Editor by Typing regedit in run box and press enter.
    2. Now go to the following key
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/Current/Version/UninstallThis is a list of all the programs that appear in the Programs and Features List.
      If an app is not system-wide & installed only under user rights, you should go to:
      HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/ Microsoft/ Windows/ CurrentVersion/Uninstall
      If this is a 32-bit app, and your OS is a 64-bit one, you’ll need:
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/ SOFTWARE/ Wow6432Node/ Microsoft/ Windows /CurrentVersion/Uninstall
    3. Select the branch for the program for which you want to remove from Programs and Feature list.
      For expample I am removing VLC player
      Create a DWORD value under VLC Branch Named SystemComponent with value 1
    4. Done. Now refresh the Programs & Fetaure List and see VLC vanished from List.


TIP: To display the program again just undo the change, that is either delete the SystemComponent DWORD key.


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