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Lets learn how to install WordPress CMS on localhost using WAMP Server
We Need to download the following
1- WAMP Server  —   http://www.wampserver.com/en/
2- WordPress installation zip file  —  https://wordpress.org/latest.zip

  1. First of all let’s install WAMP server first.
    Start Installation.
    Select install location. And proceed .
  2. Unzip and Copy the wordpress files and folder extracted from the zip file you downloaded.
  3. Now open the wamp installation path.
    In our case it was c:/wamp
    Notice a folder named www here
    Create any folder in this www folder: Here I create folder named website
    Now open website folder
    Copy the extracted files and folders from the extracted wordpress directory
    paste this in website directory under c:/wamp/www/website
  4. Launch WAMP server
  5. Open WAMP server menu from system tray a green W icon, click on it, select phpmyadmin
  6. Default LOGIN details are as below
    username:  root
    password           BLANK:(Leave it blank)
  7. Go to database.
  8. Create a new databse and name it anything you want, I am naming it as wordpress.
  9. Now open browser and in address-bar type :
  10. Press enter, here website is the folder name we created under www in wamp.
  11. Select the language: I prefer English, continue.
  12. We need the following data as shown in browser window like Database Name, Database Host, Database username & Password, Fill the following as we created
    Database name is wordpress here in Tutorial as we created in phpmyadmin, database host is localhost, username- root, password (leave it blank) table prefix WP_
  13. Click on submit.
  14. Now in next window click RUN the install.
  15. Next we get to fill the Site information.
  16. Enter your website title,tag line, admin login username, admin login password, your email.
  17. And click – Install wordpress.
  18. Now wordpress is installed.
  19. Next window click login.
  20. NOTE: Your admin login address now is      localhost/website/wp-login.php
    you may type  localhost/website/wp-admin
  21. You have installed wordpress.
  22. DONE !!!

Here is a Video Guide on How to Install Word press on localhost using WAMP server



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