How To Prevent USB DISK Virus Forever


Now this is guide on how to prevent USB disk Infections. Read that we already covered how to clean infected USB disk from viruses.

How to make USB-Disk such that autorun virus don’t creep in. Follow the steps and check the pics Below

    1. Always Prefer NTFS formatted Drives in Windows Environment over FAT32.
    2. Create a blank notepad file in root of pendrive and save it as Autorun.inf.


  1. Create a invisible folder with no name.
    HOW TO Create Invisible Folder With No Name
  2. Now change attributes of both folder and file to read only, system file and Hidden by following command
    attrib +s +r +h
  3. Now use Cacls Command to make it even more protective by typing the following command and press enter. This command is also used to lock Folders Without Password Or Software
    cacls autorun.inf /e /p everyone:nRead How to Lock Folder / Files Without Any Password & Without Softwares

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