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This guide is about creating very large test files in windows, for any purpose like testing speed of Hard Disks or any other. You can create files of any size say 1KB or even 100GB in just a second.

Open Administrative Level command prompt

and below is the command to to create

fsutil file createnew <file> <size in bytes>

example the will create a file called ethicalhackx of 100GB

fsutil file createnew ethicalhackx 107374182400

The size of file here is entered in bytes, to save your brain from maths here is a reference:
1 MB = 1048576 bytes
100 MB = 104857600 bytes
1 GB = 1073741824 bytes
10 GB = 10737418240 bytes
100 GB = 107374182400 bytes
1 TB = 1099511627776 bytes
10 TB = 10995116277760 bytes

Screenshot (117)


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