Kali Linux On Android

Kali Linux is the most referred operating System for Pen-testers, White Hat hackers, and even Black Hat Hackers. Kali Linux has a great collection of tools used for pentesting, hacking. Now its possible to get the most loved Hacking tools Operating System, The Kali Linux on our Android Devices. Yes we are going to install Kali Linux on Android Smartpgone

Kali Linux on Android smartphones and tablets allows  pentesters to do Hacking or Pentest on the go with their mobile devices, such as Hacking WiFi, or check website security.

How To Install Kali Linux On Android – Follow Simple Steps To Get Kali Linux On Android Device

Rooted Android Smartphone
5GB Free Space on Internal Memory
Fast Internet Connection ( For Download Kali Linux )

Step 1. Download Linux Deploy App in Your Android Mobile from Google Play Store.

Step 2. After Linux Deploy is installed Open it, click download Icon.

Step 3. Select Kali Linux From Distribution List as we are installing Kali Linux

Step 4.  Go to Top of the screen and tap  Install button. This will take some time depending on Your Internet Connection.

Step 5. Download Android VNC Viewer App from Google Play Store.

Step 6. Once VNC Viewer is Installed, enter below  settings in your VNC Android App.

Step 7. Click the Connect Button in VNC Viewer App.

kali Linux VNC Setting



  1. Linux deploy is asking for root privilege and most rooting apps are untrusted. Must my phone be rooted? And, what size is the linux os to be downloaded. I’m so into linux but it hurts that in Africa, using the internet is very expensive so much so that it limits us from alot of goodies available on the internet. Urgent reply please. Thanks.

    • Aprox 3GB to be downloaded, Root is must. I understand the Expensive Internet but I cant help for that. Better get to some friend of Higher Education who could download from WiFi


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