Introduction to Hacking

Hacking is identifying and exploiting weaknesses in computer systems and/or computer networks. Cybercrime is committing a crime with the aid of computers and information technology infrastructure. Ethical Hacking is about improving the security of computer systems and/or computer networks.

How To Learn Hacking, How To Start Pentesting, Where to Start ? Lets answer it .

Core Fundamentals

Before diving into the super technical bits , it is important for anyone who is wanting to learn the Hacking to understand it’s all on you. It is up to you to self-learn/self-teach, if you lack the motivation to learn you’re not going to get far in the security sector.

Now that, the mini learning rant is out of the way, let me lay the learning baseline fundamentals you should start to look at.

This was initially going to be all in one post however I have split it up, the list below shows the schedule for topics I’ll be writing about.

Table of Contents Р We will cover each one below soon

  1. Basic Networking
  2. Operating Systems – Unix
  3. How important a Beautiful Report is
  4. Important to Have some form of people skills
  5. Web Application Testing – A guide series on it’s own
  6. Operating Systems – Windows
  7. Basic virtualization – What it is, how it works and how to use it
  8. Basic programming knowledge – understanding
  9. Infrastructure – Networking & The way things work
  10. Other things Andy thinks you should know in life



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