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Linux Privilege Escalation

Linux Privilege Escalation.

Linux Privilege Escalation.

Linux Privilege Escalation.

This article like many other is a progressive one, that is will be updated with more related contents.
This article was last updated on - September 07, 2023.

Table of Contents

System Enumeration

hostname - machine name, sometimes it is related to one of te exploits.

uname -a — tells Kernel Version, Architecure, these are helpful in kernel exploit or arch specific cat /proc/version cat /etc/issue

architecture information - lscpu

What Process are running -

ps -aux [ in order they started] ps -aux | grep root - to find all that root is doing

User Enumeration

whoami id - what user ID, group ID are assigned , to know privileges

sudo -l [ to know what we can do as sudo], check NOPASSWORD attributes, LD_PRELOAD

cat /etc/passwd - see the uers here on a machine filter out the real users from 1000 ID

cat /etc/passwd | cut -d : 1

cat /etc/shadow

cat /etc/group

history - to know the commandline history

Network Enumeration

ifconfig or ip a ip route arp -a ip -neigh

netstat -ano ]-what ports are open, any communication to unusual IPs, any local open ports not discoverd externally ( maybe nmap) ,who we communicating with.

Password Hunting

Idea is to learn methods who to search files on machine

grep —color=auto -rnw ’/’ -ie ‘PASSWORD=’ —color=always 2>/dev/null

locate password | more

history command cat ~/.bash_history

find . -type f -exec grep -i -I “PASSWORD” {} /dev/null ;

Weak File Permissions

ls -l /etc/passwd ls -l /etc/shadow

SSH Keys

find / -name authorized_keys 2> /dev/null find / -name id_rsa 2> /dev/null

Kernel Exploits

Dirty Cow

gcc -pthread cow.c -o cow


get root

Root Path

Check if one or more Root path variables are writable

└─$ env | grep $PATH
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