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MAC Changer in Kali Linux is tool lets you change MAC Address with ease. You can Change MAC Address quickly, Set Random MAC Address , Set Specific MAC Address with various other options but this a QUICK guide hence Let’s Keep it Short.Check picture attached and Video Too to understand. I will soon make a complete Guide on MAC Address spoofing.

To Change MAC Address

  1. Open Terminal.
  2. Suppose we want to change MAC Address of network interface eth0 , Type in terminal the following command and press enter
    macchanger eth0 -r
    MAC Changer : Kali Linux
    MAC Changer : Kali Linux

    NOTE: This Guide is short, Full coverage on MAC Address Changing soon, MAC Changer is available for more Linux Distro like with Kali Linux, Ubuntu , Linux Mint, Debian.

Check Youtube Video Here To Understand & Change MAC Address Quickly


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