Spying apps have a relatively tough job. Everyone needs an iOS spy app without jailbreak, but everyone is looking for something different out of them. While one would want to have a look at someone’s location, the other one might want a view of the day long calls activity, and someone else might want deeper online activity details of the entire day.


With so many competing apps available, it can be tricky to decide which one to use.


The best iOS spying apps do a good job presenting you all the target information no matter when you want to view it. They make it easy for you to navigate through the plethora of information from the target person.


There’s no shortage of inventive, and capable monitoring apps for the iPhone. But by and large, xnspy.com is the one that nails the basics of monitoring.


Compatibility and Installation:


The most important element for any iOS spying app is its compatibility with the Apple’s operating system. The iOS is considered the most robust and secure operating system around the globe. To hack into such a powerful operating system, an app needs to be a programming marvel.

Moreover, due to the regular software updates, many features of the apps stop working. So any app that you choose to subscribe to, must be thoroughly compatible with the latest as well as previous iOS versions. XNSPY app addresses this concern. It is not only compatible with the previous versions, but can also be used on the latest iOS 11.

At a time where most companies make software for a single platform, the Xnspy is constantly developing the capability for iOS as well as Android. Additionally, you can use the Xnspy iPhone spyware app without jailbreak. Currently, the app is available in following versions for iPhone:


  • No Jailbreak iPhone Edition
  • Jailbreak iPhone Edition


As their names suggest, the installation procedure is different for both. In fact, you do not need to install the app on a no-jailbreak phone. While for the latter edition, you can follow simple steps for installation. You have to visit the app, subscribe to it and download to start using the app.


Navigation and Interface:


Once you subscribe to the app, you can access it through its web/desktop account. Navigating through different features is simple as Xnspy has a clear and simple design across both the web version of the service and the mobile version. The interface has a list of features and it’s easier to navigate than the dark, quite complex interfaces that its competitors offer.


You can select the feature of your choice from the features menu. The Xnspy offers a relatively easy-to-use experience with many functions available within a click or two. When you sign in to the account, the column to the left is devoted to the features. The iOS spy app without jailbreak is mostly confined to a single screen.


What’s in the XNSPY iOS spy app without jailbreak? 


One of the most remarkable things about Xnspy is the level of customization it offers for a subscription. The app does not focus exclusively on a single feature. In fact, the app has multiple monitoring features to choose from. Every feature provides a good level of detail with your call logs, location logs, and shared content.


One of the big draws of Xnspy is the “Watchlist” feature, which encourages users to focus on particular features by offering specific information services. It provides personalized information about location, caller identity, and specific words. If you want to see specific information about a certain person calling on the target phone, or the target person visiting a particular location, you can enter the information in the watch-list and you will be notified whenever that particular information is used.


Better are the alerts that the Xnspy sends you when you set notifications for certain services. Unfortunately, those alerts come via email, not phone notifications, which seems like a missed opportunity.


Another big appeal of Xnspy is the location monitoring features that give you the location history of the person throughout the day.




The Xnspy is not a free app and you can purchase a subscription through its website. One subscription lets you connect to one device only which is a limitation of the app. However, the services offered are all worth paying for. The app offers two packages:

  • Basic
  • Premium


The only difference between the two packages is the number of features. The packages can be subscribed on monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. And even the most affordable duration level offers all the features of the most expensive premium package.


Note: Xnspy iOS spy app without jailbreak also offers discounts and promotions, so you can likely purchase a plan for even less.




As mentioned in the start, it is difficult to find the app with the right mix of compatibility and features. But Xnspy offers both in a single package. We also like the simplicity of its design and interface. The installation process is reasonably simple. But Xnspy does miss a few opportunities, though. The biggest is its lack of a free trial version/multiple device support, but overall, the app is worth trying for.


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